General Information

The department of Information and Records Management was founded under the name of the Archival Department in 1987. The department started its teaching in the acdemic year of 1988-1989 and saw its first students graduate in 1992. In the acdemic year of 1993-1994 predominately English based instruction commenced and including the year spent teaching students preparatory English, the duration of study was increased to five years. Following the approval of the Higher Education Authority in 2002, the name of the department changed from Archival to Information and Records Management. In accordance with the change in name of the department, the curriculum was changed to include courses on Librarianship, Documentation and Information Management. In association with the Turkish Studies Institute of the University of Marmara, Masters courses have been offered from 1994 and Doctorate instruction since 1997.
Our students can also choose to undertake Joint or Minor degrees in the departments of History or Turkish Language and Literature.
Our department is currently staffed by 6 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, and 3 Academic Research Assistants, one of whom have completed her PhD. We also have visiting academic staff from the faculties of Engineering, Technology, Communication and Law.
Please see the table below for the point ranking of the department.
Year         2005            2006          2007          2008         2009            2010      2011       2012
Point     303,117      306,035      285,73      302,13        322      359,538     348,274        367
Type          TM-1          TM-1         TM-1         TM-1       TM-1          TM-1          TM-1      TM-1

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